Carrier Sales

Carrier Sales

New England Truck Center, a leading distributor for NRC Industries Towing Equipment, provides the industry’s highest level of expertise in custom tow truck design and fabrication



Small vehicles, but a huge amount of calls? Take the bull by the horns and take on even bigger jobs with confidence. With the 10TB Series, rest assured you are backed by a compact unit built to quality standards for high performance excellence.


A little bit of everything makes for a lot overall. With the 20TB Series, everything means all you can think of and then some more…all in a day’s work.


What if the carriers from the 20TB Series allowed you do even more? With its 8,000 lbs [3,600 kg) upper deck, the 20TB-DD will allow you to haul up to 4 cars at a time.


Because they count on you, you rely on the 30TB Series. Don’t let your heavy duty customers shop around for their light duty needs: get the carrier that does everything right. Load up heavy machinery and tow a car, all at the same time, if need be. Get the most from every mile you travel.


Big loads, extreme conditions, tight schedules? When you own or operate a 40TB Series carrier, you impress the most demanding customers. Be the only one on their call list.